Jasmine Cain - Seven

"Be Brave", would be the first single taken from her forthcoming and seventh album to her namesake Jasmine Cain, titled merely "Seven". The album’s title having an open discussion to why it is called as such. The single brings her known vocalization and bass line that has been trademarked for sometime, that this rocker is one not to be forgotten about. Her style is close to being a lot like Halestorm meets some elements of Heart and Whitesnake, if not other acts like In This Moment, The Letter Black and Stitched Up Heart.

Aside from this single though, comes other memorable tracks “Long Shot”, “Powers”, “Are You Ready”, “Ghost”, and “Hurt”. These tracks being the ranger bearers off this release. For instance, take "Ghost", the track alone really showcases the incredibility that is range with Jasmine Cain as a vocalist, her bass structure just being the back pedal to the dominance that is her presences as a musician. The other tracks mentioned like “Are You Ready”, and “Hurt”, bring forth this more in-depth feeling of emotions, melody and overall force that is truly unstoppable at times, it's reckoning needed to be messed with to get the music appointed towards as far as the sound and meaning.

“Are You Ready”, brings this momentum like “Long Shot” and Powers” does within their set-ups. The melodic noise is heavy duty, yet well played. You get this ideal concept of power, wholesome energy that never wants to back down. It’s a constant pressure that makes the music rage at all costs. Jasmine Cain’s vocal chords again being very in-tune with the bass and all else, drums and guitar work performed by her two other members, as this being a trio act, it’s one who stands out, along with many other successors who have done the trio card of band member bands like Calabrese,  Alakline Trio and Green Day.

"Let It Go", "Burnout", and the rest of the tracks off this release that come with it, are along the same similarities as the one's already briefed here. Same type of formula that keeps the music in tune and check upon listening in to it really. If you like hard and heavy rock n' roll, then Jasmine Cain brings it, with all she can upon this album called "Seven". It taking three years to come together, it was well worth the long wait, it's an album of sound that pays off in every which way, each of the tracks sounds. You being disappointed will not even be thought of after hearing it played through from start to finish.

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