Hollowed - Shattered

Groovy thrashers Hollowed have a debut EP out titled "Shattered". The 5-track release is a diverse time with influences that range well. Take the 80's old school era of heavy metal with the modernized time that is thrash and death metal and you end up with tracks like "Slave Becomes A King", along with others like "Sick Society", "Anxiety" and "These Scars". Each one of these tracks is nothing but brutality from start to finish. The heaviness from the guitars and drums just creates the energy flowing throughout these song selections chosen. Vocalization provided makes the material even more edgy crafting together this mentality that just screams intensity. Altogether the material just packs it in, making this fistful of goodness that never disappoints. In fact, “Shattered” as an EP just builds upon the material, mastering this energy that  is never ending really. You get the vibes of Exodus mixed with some Slayer and Warbringer elements that really sticks. Hollowed being a modern act with elements of metal that works in their favor, at all costs, because an EP like “Shattered” just bursts with all the heavy!

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