Leiva - Nuclear

Leiva is upon his fourth album to date titled "Nuclear". This solo artist takes upon the genres that are pop rock with Latin influences. A lot of his tracks include some that have gotten a spread said about then, like "Do Not Worry About Me", "Wolves", "In Space", and the title track "Nuclear". Each of these combine that pop rock essence with Latin influence and vocal use, that really makes the music its own identity of pureness. The energy of the music really gives way, creating this tone that brims along the lines of other Latin solo artists and acts alike. Leiva's style is not him as being such a great instrumentalist but a vocalist too. Each of these tracks is truly different and unique from another, which is very much true in all accounts of the material off "Nuclear". Some may sound similar in ways but only ever so slightly at times really. It's the way of the actual music that makes it work so lovingly at times. You just never get bored with it but enjoy it more and more with each play through. Same has to go for the rest of the material off this album Leiva likes to call "Nuclear".


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