Haze Of Summer - Stuzha

Haze Of Summer has released a follow-up album release titled "Stuzha". This being the follow-up to 2017's previous album "Znoi". But the difference between the two is not just the all new material but the presentation, for "Stuzha", is not only provided with the digital release as the other releases but comes with a shall we say "official full album video" release as well. Haze Of Summer dabbing into what they consider their genre of music being "hipster black metal".

With that said, "Stuzha", is very instrumental at times, especially the accompanying full album video version, showcasing a variety of sorts of music videos, telling a story with live segments of the band themselves. Each one of the tracks depicting whats happening within the story telling, for instance opening number "September (Anno 1602)", is very mellow yet intense as well. The energy given is forced yet simplified provided it has angst that makes the music heavier than expected at times. Whilst other tracks like follow-up track "October (Old Mornings Dawn)", has an energy that is very in-depth yet high ranked in tone. The melodies of the instruments creating this passage of tone, that allows for the vocalization from both tracks to be very intensified yet dense.

Like the music crafts together this momentum that blasts altogether developing this vision that is fun yet heavy at the same times. The rest of the tracks off this "Stuzha" release, are more month based titled such as "November", and "December" featuring a guest spot from Summer of Haze, the other tracks titled "January" with another guest spot from Zmey and the last track titled "February". Each of which, consisting of a tone more or less, similar in style but still heavy throughout. It’s as if the tracks together create that storyline mentioned prior, except with each track following suit, it makes the music in a deeper meaning, having the material be fresh yet still turning back to the heaviness and even crafting a drift of edgy as well.

As a whole “Stuzha”, is perhaps more grounded showing a growth if you will than anything else. Music is very in tone with the meaning of the material behind it all really. It creates this flow that just has delight in its presentation. Surely Haze of Summer being a lot like other acts such as Children Of Bodom crossed with Within Temptation. If you like heavy metal with a dash of black metal then Haze Of Summer’s “Stuzha” is the one to get your heaviness in its right mind set.

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