Ringgo 5 says We've Team Up to Form the Greatest Band in the World Us!

Indonesian pop punks Ringgo 5, are headed to the U.K. for a short array of shows, where even some acoustic sets will take place! The band has already made quite a buzz with the release of their latest single turned video of "Valeria". The whole band got together to disclose the matters about this U.K. showcase, their music, and future plans!

1. You guys are a newer band so many people might not know about your history. Would you be able to delve into it a little?

Nabil: Me, Rob, Rhein and Rishad went to the same high school, and we know Gege because Me and Rhein had a band together with him. We were rival with Rishad and Robert’s band at that moment. After five of us graduate, we realized that our band didn’t work out as we wanted to. So we team up to form the greatest band in the world, Ringgo 5.

2. Where does the name Ringgo 5 come from?

Robert: The name Ringgo 5 is actually based on our initials. We took the first letter of our nicknames. And the number 5 is because we’re five people and we were formed in 15/5/2015.

3. What would you say separates you from other bands in the scene?

Rishad: We don't want to say that we’re different from other bands, a pop rock band with each members singing is not that hard to find these days, however with our music, we’d like to explore new stuff, deliver new fresh sounds and influence others.

4. Where is your band from and what is the music scene like over there?

Robert: We are from a small town in Jakarta, Indonesia. I think the local music back in town is unique. A lot of musician uses the nation’s culture and combine it with the modern music. But also there’s like a phase back there. There are times when people listens to Pop-punk, and then couple years later everyone listens to EDM, and now hip hop and psychedelic. Music is very universal back there, there’s no rules of age. You can easily find a young teenager listening to Kendrick Lamar and also David Bowie at the same time.

5. How would you describe the music that your band plays?

Gege: The music that we try to deliver is an infectious pop rock. Meaning that we want to spread our music and influence others in a positive way. Five of us have different taste of music, in the studio we combine each of our different taste and express it into one idea.

6. What's the story behind your new single and video called "Valeria"?

Rhein: "Valeria", our latest single from emotion album is about Long Distance Relationship. The idea of "Valeria" came out from Robert. He wants a girl name to be a song in the album. At first, we are a bit lacking of ideas to find a perfect and a fit girl name to put into the music. Until Robert saw the name "Valeria Residence" near his house.

7. That track comes off your debut release "Emotion", but do you have any new music in the works?

Rhein: Yes, we have 2 new songs coming up, an acoustic version of our single and more work in the studio as we are working hard on our next EP and album.

8. You have a handful of shows coming up, so how do you go about promoting your band and its shows?

Nabil: Nowadays, we can do everything and anything by using internet. We promote our tour mainly in our social media like Instagram and Facebook, since it can connect us to many parts of the world. Also, we just print out some posters so by the time we go to UK, we will stick the posters on the streets, random cars, police station, hospitals, train station and basically everything so people unconsciously recognize us.

9. Can you describee your show, visually and musically for us?

Robert: On stage, we always remind ourselves to just be confident and be ourselves. Musically, we always try to get the audience involve with us and have a great time. We always try to deliver something different of whats in the original song and live. In the future, we would love to improve our shows visually with videos on LED screens.

10. After this assortment of shows wraps, what else do you have planned?

Nabil: After this Emotion Tour ends, we will be working on our next EP for our second album. Or maybe straight to our second album. We don’t know yet. Because in this era, music change so fast. We just need to keep making more and more music so people can hear our work. However, we will try to concept the album like what colors, symbols, fonts and etc to be use in our second album. For us, everything needs to be in concept. Just like a movie.

11. Is there anything else you want to say before I go?

Rhein: Just want to say how happy we are to be here for the first time, massive thank you to everyone for the support, having UK as our first tour is a blessing. And hopefully one day we can come back here.

12. Would you say that is your final answer?

Ringgo 5: Yes. Thank you Natalie's World, for having us. Cheers!

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