PRINCIP - Fuck Your Empire

One man project enthusiast PRINCIP takes the likes of blackened hardcore a mixture of metal genres, to make a project unlike any other out there. With this in hand, he has released two EP's "Fuck Your Empire" and "Culture Of Nothing", both coming together as one whole release titled "Fuck Your Empire". The EP's concept is simple, as it's lyrical contents deal with the theme's of anti-authoritarianism, anti-militarism, and the general culture that is apathy, ignorance, and distraction pervading the West, the main home that continues to allow these societal crimes to continue onward as time moves forward. With that said, the entirety of these two EP's into this one sole EP, is fast and quick pretty much. Each of tracks ranging from being on average 1 minutes or so, making this EP just soar on through from start to finish. As the music goes straight on through, you are hit with such aggression, intensity, and edginess all at once. It becomes a lot to take in, but once it is consumed, it becomes a grand adventure of feeling and context. In other words, PRINCIP's EP "Fuck Your Empire", is just a solid release, with a lot of material to go off of, that really captures what it is this projects aims for, making you realize the happening around us, and the way music demonstrates it.

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