Black Orchid Empire Releases Single And Video for "My Favourite Stranger"

London rock trio Black Orchid Empire recently released their new single "My Favourite Stranger". It's the second track from the new studio album "YUGEN" that will be in stores on May 25th, 2018 via Long Branch Records.

"The video for "My Favourite Stranger" is a different feel for us - we really wanted a clean, colourful approach rather than the darker, grittier look of most of our other videos," says Paul Visser, singer and guitarist in Black Orchid Empire. "We found a really cool new studio in Brixton under a railway arch and Canty from Dark North did an awesome job once again. We had a great time jumping around to our own song while he worked his magic! This song is about a friend of mine going through relationship hell. It's about two people that are talking their situation over, but too much ground has opened up between them to even understand each other anymore. They know each other inside and out but have ended up total strangers. Musically it's super fun to play - Dave's bass riff is just ridiculous," adds Paul.

Check it out right HERE.

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