Stepping Sideways - Destined to Fall

Upon the first mere minutes of "Destined to Fall" from Stepping Sideways, off their debut EP "Harbinger" brought to immediate notice of Sevendust crossed with Killswitch Engage mixed in with Light the Torch. That is the precise depiction of how Stepping Sideways sound is a lot like, on this track and the entirety of the EP as a whole for that matter.

While the track is indeed lengthy at close to 5 minutes, but clocking in at around 4 minutes, it makes the time worth it. Listening to the melodies of the vocal chords, mixed in with the instrumentation makes it all worth wild. Whereas the material as a whole circular format, makes the track come circular really. Everything working together, allows for the track to build itself. Making the works of the guitar, drums, and bass structure be well thought out, let alone put together as well. The work just sounds very crisp, clean cut, yet raw and aggressive to. It sounds modernized to a tee amount of effect, making it be very grounded yet solid.

All it took was just Stepping Sideways to look for other instances of other acts, blending their out sources, into their own formula, to create what they have done, with this track and its accompanying EP. When listening in to this track countless times over, it began to come more original with creativity and craft, being outright stunning of quality. Truly in short, purely flawless even.

Stepping Sideways has taken the genre of rock music, with a side of metal, making it finer yet confining, that any music listener, alike, will find themselves, be drawn to this source of work, listening to over and over, with no will of ease of turning it off, but turning it all the way up!

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