Glanville - First Blood

Where to begin with an act like Glanville, their array of band members for instance, have been in quite the assembly line of projects even before Glanville got together. But after some searching the line-up known as Glaville now had come whole circle, leading to them writing and recording for an EP release titled "First Blood".

This release being the band's first release as Glanville, it is quite the debut. Upon listening in to the opening number "God Is Dead", you immediately taken aback by the brief intro of an eerie message that leads off into repeating the number of the beast "666"! This causing the track to become more vivid and fluid. The band ends up sounding much like the classic rock acts of the before time, such as AC/DC, Black Sabbath, and even earlier acts like Airbourne or Greta Van Fleet, with that just being the opener. The other tracks on this EP do the same thing, like "Dancing On Fire", "Durga The Great", and "Demons".

These songs being the selection of the release, really demonstrating what these guys can do. Their material here, being catchy, upbeat, and truly rock music, to its finest of possibilities. If hard hitting guitar riffs and solo working's are to your liking, then these are the tracks hear, by all means necessary. It's how the EP plays outward really, it is a wholesome piece of work, that capture the essence of the past while remaining in the present day.

Just how it worked out for Glanville and their EP called "First Blood". This being the first glimpse of what to expect, from an act such as this one, not knowing where they will end up, just where their music will take them next.

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