Gentle Mind - After Earth

Gentle Mind's debut EP "After Earth", is truly a release that is out of this world. Literally, Gentle Mind's focus upon our atmosphere is something else. Upon receiving their EP they came out with saying;

 "It is said that the Moon formed about 4.51 billion years ago, not long after Earth. It is responsible for ocean tides, body tides, and the slight lengthening of the day, all thanks to its gravitational influence.

We have been exploring the gravitational influence of people on people. The push and pull. Laws of attraction, love, hate, and everything in between. This EP is one of tension, seduction, hurt and longing. As full-time university students, this project has been a cathartic breath, a dive into the human condition, a moment to simply feel. From the Celestial to the Earthly, here is our debut EP."

That said, the same goes for their EP release. It is really something else when listening in to it. Like take such tracks as "Shifting Tides" and "Howlin At The Moon", for instance, the titles go in perfect sync to this whole theme and concept behind this whole deal of this band. The music is the same thing, it's very dimensional, yet flows unevenly making it vibrant. Like how the vocalization works, it makes the tone of the music flawless, keeping an under layer of visuals to the mind come into focus. In other words, the material both vocals and music just works in favor of one another.

It's how their EP "After Earth", plays out really. Gentle Mind, is an act whose source of style, creates itself, as it goes along with what's happening at the given time and moment of pace. They will become one to follow through, because their way of making, suits them well enough that it will soar.

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