Vincenzo Avallone - Phantom Singularity

Vincenzo Avallone, guitarist of Ruins Of Elysium, decided to take some time for himself, to work on some solo works, that he would not just name the project after himself, it being solo content, but as well as did the whole project on his own, without the need of a label either! So with that set in mind, he went ahead to write and record material, releasing a debut full-length album "Escape Velocity" released in 2015. This would only then lead to a follow-up three years later, titled "Phantom Singularity" released in 2018. While some time has happened between the releases, that does not mean the material is different for all it is, it is from far that, the material upon "Phantom Singularity", is very visual, mind blowing, and just captivates you as a whole.

 For instance, a handful of the tracks do feature guest spots from numerous artists, contributing for their own accordance, like the title track "Phantom Singularity" which features Ruan C Elias, who provided vocals on said track, made it much more grounded and rather fun to take in. Other tracks that have guest spots would be such as "Operation Black Scythe", which features Georgia Damigou, whose provision was being the co-orchestration on his part, making the instrumental track purely shine through. Another track that tends to stand out did not include a special guest spot, but was stunning on its own, this one being not just one but two, "Digital Innocence" and "Through The Great Beyond".

Now these song selections are very touching and powerful, musically, and visually, because a lot of them are instrumentally based, while others feature other elements, but it makes the music more enlightening and entertaining as a whole. The music being focused upon more so, that it is just embracive. Like you can just listen in, taking it all in at once, imagining what is happening within the track, using your mind's inner thoughts, to create from what is happening in the music playing forth.
That is how Vincenzo Avallone works his ways with his solo works of music creativity. "Phantom Singularity", is another one of those types of albums, that fills the brim of the mind, there is no stopping it, because of how fun it is within it.

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