Legendary LA hard rockers ODIN have signed with the EMP LABEL GROUP, who will reissue much of their classic catalog including upcoming reissues of "DON’T TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER" and "FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE". The limited edition (300 Pcs) vinyl reissue of "DON’T TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER", in stores April 20th 2018 with a limited quantity available for pre-order now from empmerch.com, includes remastered versions of the original 1985 recording, in an astonishingly faithful recreation of the original LP, reworked by artist Melody Myers.

Says EMP LABEL GROUP’S Thom Hazaert, "We really wanted the reissue of "DON’T TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER" to be painfully faithful to the original release, but with a few modern upgrades, and we pored over every detail. As a HUGE fan of Odin, I wanted to create a really special reissue that fans could celebrate, and would really be a nod to this seminal, criminally overlooked release."

Says vocalist Randy "O" Roberg, "I was introduced to Thom from EMP by my cousin, Jerry Dixon from Warrant. We started talking about my solo release and some things I was working on, and he told me what a huge Odin fan he was, and we started discussing ideas for reissuing some of the Odin catalog. We’re all really excited about the reissues and the way they are coming out. It’s awesome to be able to really bring these releases to light in a way that the fans are excited about."

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