PigWeed - The Weight

PigWeed is one of those acts, who started sometime ago, dealt with some mishaps, then continued onward to write and record material for a debut release, that would not come full circle until years later. This debut release coming in the shape of an album titled "The Weight". PigWeed is said to be, like many others, like nothing you have ever heard before, even though you have heard their style beforehand, so they are original and unique but not truly nothing you have ever heard before. It is far from that, because their style of sound, is very much like Hatebreed crossed with Pantera. You get the mix-up of hardcore, metal, rock, and punk if not other genres thrown in for good account, making the music sound just right. When it comes to the debut album that is "The Weight", you get tossed with such tracks as "Eye of the Wasp", "Fake For Now", "Needles", "Mistakes", and "Suffer". These alone, really make up what this album is all about, you get hit with those crossed bands mentioned before, lots of heaviness, hard hitting adrenaline, with pure progressive tone, that makes the music more grounded yet pulsating. It is as if, PigWeed is on the level of the music, making themselves sound like others, but still being an act that sounds fresh.

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