Miesha and the Spanks - Girls Girls Girls

Miesha and the Spanks went on to write as well as record a new album, in which they titled "Girls Girls Girls". If that name rings a bell, it is because it belongs to the rock act legends Motley Crue, who had a song of the same name. So you would think that using said name would cause some chaos to unfold, but nothing of the sort happened so all is well. For the most part, Miesha and the Spanks would be as they say pretty ballsy to do what they did by titling this album with this name. As with the title, the album is chalk full of nothing but girls, as this two piece duo of a set, brought on rock music, to another reachable ability with its stance on pure rock music, with some added flare of garage rock, with elements of punk rock thrown in for good measure. So you get the ideal here, of how this act sounds, nothing really like Motley Crue, but close at times. For instance tracks like "First Love, First Blood", "Motorin", "Lost Boy", "Girls", and "Atmosphere", are the handful that really kick start what this release can do for you, the listener in question. These song selections being catchy, in-depth, and just energy fueled with rock n' roll angst, it keeps the vibes ever flowing. In short, Mieshaand the Spanks, just makes rock music fun again. "Girls Girls Girls", is an album out the rock n' roll feels, for all it is worth, keep rock music purely alive and well.

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