Folkodia - Battle of the Milvian Bridge

Who would have thought, that with a band whose genre choice being folk music, would also take that aspect into using it towards their own band name. Hence we get a band named Folkodia. Now this may just be a coincidence, but rather that may or may not be the case here, Folkodia's seventh offering in the form of an album takes the title to that of "Battle of the Milvian Bridge". This album as opposed to the previous, taking the longest to see the light of day. As the previous one's came out year after year, this one took four years.  As to some who may find that a downer, the actual album has great promise. For instance, when listening in, you are stricken with such melody of presences, that the vocalization and guitar structures, are quite frank. The melodies of the guitar, being more direct and focused upon, than anything else, especially on such tracks as "The Maiden of Lorraine", "Battle of Salamis", and "Hussar Angels". The rest of the instruments from bass to drums are very heavily driven, keeping everything else in its proper place. That said, the vocalization not just blends well into the instruments work, but has its fair share of clean cut vocals, to harsh cut vocals, that makes quite the combination, on the array of tracks to come from this album, including the tracks mentioned prior. All in all though, Folkodia's folk style takes upon other genres such as viking metal and epic metal, making a stance that is solid, and well put together, in terms of this release.

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