Hildr Valkyrie - Revealing The Heathen Sun

A solid decade has passed since the debut album "Shield Brothers Of Valhalla" saw its release back in 2008. Now that some time has come and gone, so has another album, this sophomore release titled "Revealing The Heathen Sun". Whilst not many, may not be that familiar with Hildr Valkyrie's work, she has put work into other projects, Folkearth and Folkodia for some, as well as other contributions she has seen fitting to her workload. In any case though, this ten year follow-up album, is more of a continuation of where her last album left off. That said, this one has a more of a religious movement and folk metal appeal. By doing this, the vibrations given here are very exquisite. Vocals throughout this album, are primarily performed, not disappointing by any means. More so, allowing for a variety of style, showcasing an immensely to the tracks. Some of which include "We Are Heathens", "Final Bolt", "The Rune's Song", and "Bringing of Life, Bearer of Fire". These selections are the very few, of which make this album, truly more stunning, vividly flowing with the melodies and harmonies of the music played. It just showcases, such an upbeat pattern of material, it makes the music set itself into a scenery of anything or any place, that is how fitting the music makes itself known. Thus, "Revealing The Heathen Sun", is by far, an album that is excellent. Hildr Vaklyrie being an artist of trait, bringing pure talent that will be cherished for many more years to come, if not another decade at least.

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