Boston based artist Ruby Rose Fox has just released an evocative and powerful video for the song "Freedom Fighter," featured on her 2016 album "Domestic". The video, which features Fox running through a warehouse to catch a bullet and save her child while men look on idly from the sidelines, acts as a striking visual metaphor for the horror of the current school shooting epidemic, and the government’s inability to enact change. The video is also an artful attack against the harshness of the male gaze and its current consequences in the world of entertainment.

"Before the #MeToo Movement erupted, expressing frustrations with trying to win the unbeatable game of winning approval from the male gaze would have pegged my work as exclusively "feminist," says Ruby. "Quite refreshingly, I feel less isolated now and part of a bigger movement which is inciting very tangible social change. I’m excited, for our sophomore record Salt goes even deeper, and it includes this idea of intersectionality."

The video, directed by Ben Phillippo, has its thematic and aesthetic roots in dystopian Sci-Fi shows like The Twilight Zone and more recently, Black Mirror. "I grew up in Binghamton, NY and most of my early music education was funded by The Twilight Zone’s creator, Rod Serling, so I was thrilled about the Black Mirror aspect of Ben’s [director] idea," says Ruby. "I wrote this song in the car coming home from a tour with Martha Davis and The Motels, little did I know two years later, I would be sprinting across a warehouse 500 times!"

Check out the video right HERE.

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