Superhorrorfuck - Death Becomes Us

Superhorrorfuck are one of those acts that sounds like glam, rock, punk, and heavy metal all in one. They recently released their latest album "Death Becomes Us", where it took all the songs from their EP "Gorgeous Dead", and revamped them by also adding on to it. The song selection varies having some songs that are good and some bad, the song's that were good includes "Dead World I Live In", "Down At the Graveyard", "Love After Death", "Voodoo Holiday", and "Headless Groupie". While the bad portion are a few of the remainders unlisted but that doesn't draw out that these guys are all that bad or aren't great. They do have style, notable riffs, solos, catchy lyrics and creative appeal and appearance makes them that party hardy group that everyone wants to be. They are one of those acts that you tend to hate but yet love at the same time, and their music makes it all balance out all at once.

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