Allies to the Adversary Releases Debut Set to Spread their Music Far and Wide

Allies to the Adversary is a 5 piece metal band from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This band consists of Austin Dasilva on vocals, Steve Palmer on Guitar, James Whiteman on Bass, Christian Moniz on drums, and Dominik Mroczek on guitar. Formed in 2011 after finding that they all share the same taste and music and all had one common goal - to be in a band and make relatable music to help others around the world. They have been working hard and long days to write and record music, but have released their debut Self-Titled.

After their 2012 Demo, they started picking up as many local shows as possible to get exposure. Playing shows with the likes of other Toronto bands We Will Kill Again, Venture Forth, Searching for the Surface, and many others, every show was always full of lots of power and energy. The only way to describe the music of Allies to the Adversary is aggressive. Influenced by great bands like Whitechapel, Chelsea Grin, Northlane, and Structures, their sound is very heavy and bouncy together. The main goal of this band is to spread across the world as much as possible and make a mark on the industry.

Check out the EP HERE and Facebook page HERE.

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