Michael Addison's “We’ll Be Coming Home” Single Released

Known for his intense songwriting, unforgettable melodies and heavily constructed instrumentation; Michael Addison shows off an effortless harmonic and subtle side to himself on the new single, “We’ll Be Coming Home.”  The steady hum of the acoustic guitar aids the ebb and flow of the whispering vocals, encompassing a beautiful harmony that floats along courtesy of guest vocalist Vanessa Bryan.  All the elements of the track come together in an expertly crafted sound that truly brings the storyline to life. An emotional electric guitar solo gives breath to a climactic rush of instrumentation, raising the listener’s belief in the heartfelt words and inseparable love story developed throughout the lyrics. Michael Addison is a songwriter that fearlessly explores all aspects of human emotion and “We’ll Be Coming Home” is yet another example of the honesty he ingrains in his music. Take a listen to “We’ll Be Coming Home” HERE.

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