Call Us Forgotten's Josh Talks New, New, New!

Metal/Hardcore zombie band Call Us Forgotten has a story all their own. It's explained by their live performances, lyrical context, videos, and much more. They have a lot in the works new music, new shows, and everything is just all new for them. Frontman vocalist Joshua Oliveri discusses this new deal for the band.

1. How would you describe what band you guys are in 1 word?

Joshua: Tight.

2. Tell us the brief history of your band.

Joshua: The band started as a studio project with myself and Kory back in 2007. The first few years were a growing experience as musicians and friends as our writing styles became more cohesive and fluid. After writing some songs we were excited about, we went into studio with Aiden Franklin (ex-Blessthefall from way back when they were on taste of chaos with Atreyu). I wrote/tracked guitars and bass and did the lead vocals and Kory beat the dreams and screamed his face off and sure enough we had an EP. I had been getting my photoshop chops up and put together some design collateral that made us look more legit than we were and after 6 months of it being on MySpace, we were charting and named #1 Metal Song for consecutive months, landing us a featured article on MySpace music. This small buzz got the attention of some management and after a series of different conversations, I decided to lock it in with our current manager, Eric Fowler. He's an amazing man in general and has invested more in this band and myself as an individual than I will ever be able to pay back. We put up some classified ads on MySpace and Craigslist and received a really great response that allowed us to have an array of options. After some conversations we landed on another music project that was looking for a vocalist and a drummer. They agreed to fold their current project and become a part of ours and so our official lineup was formed. We are all original members besides our current bassist, Dillon. Our original bassist, Jesse Wright, was offered a job that he was excited about and left the band on amazing terms. We're all still great friends. Dillon has become a part of the family and adds an amazing dimension to our writing and group dynamic on the road, which is essential if you're going to be living together on the road for months on end, eating crap food, breathing farts and running on low morale at times.

3. Who are the musical influences you look up to the most?

Joshua: This is really tough to tie down. We obviously pull from a lot of the greats that really got us into this music (Atreyu, Underoath, August Burns Red, etc) but also pull a lot of influence from other genres. We aren't really at a place where I feel we have a truly original sound but pulling from other genres and styles of music is a great way to get there. I personally listen to a lot of folk, pop, hip hop and ambient music aside from heavy music and everyone in the band has a wide array of musical tastes. Our playlists on tour are chaotic haha.

4. How did you get the name, Call Us Forgotten? Why would you want people to forget about you?

Joshua: Haha, I would want them to forget what spilled pickled asparagus juice in the tour van smells like. I (Josh), grew up in an abusive home situation and after coming in contact with this genre of music, became addicted to it. It was an outlet and I can genuinely say that this music saved my life. I have had the opportunity since then to work at some summer camps and other activities for troubled youth and it really put a lot in perspective. I wasn't alone and none of these kids were either but when you're in it and you feel alone, things can seem pretty bleak. Heavy music provided an escape and I know it does for a ton of the kids I've talked to. The name "Call Us Forgotten" came to mind while we were brainstorming names and trying to find something of substance that didn't have anything to do with oceans, shattering or any other sort of scene cliche and it just stuck. We hope to write music that speaks for a generation and want our fans to always feel that they are a part of this, because they are the most important factor of all of this. Our lyrics are inspired by different stories that I've come in contact with and want to create a mentality of "Us" with out music because we are all in this together. We may be forgotten by the system, bad parents, uncontrollable circumstance but together, we can overcome the odds.

5. Who writes the songs, what are they about?

Joshua: See above response.

6. You released a video for the song "Contender" and it has a zombie theme - what do you think it is about the zombie that makes everyone crazy about it?

Joshua: Well, we hope that zombies will help win some fans over but also feel that metaphorically, the idea of being a post-apocalyptic survivor really mirrors a daily struggle felt by a lot of people and ties in with the message in the lyrics.

7. Can you tell me about the song for "Contender" what's it about, does it have a meaning to it, that you would like people to follow?

Joshua: I have met so many people, it seems like an epidemic these days, that constantly complain about their problems, let their dreams slip and give up on the world or become jaded and cynical. There's a lot of entitlement with no effort and a perspective that things just "aren't meant to be" when basic opposition is encountered on your way to achieving something you believe in. The song is a call to take control of your destiny and fight for the things you want to see come to fruition in your own life. Stop blaming the world around you, circumstances, bad friends or anything else for where you are and start moving towards where you want to be. Writing and recording this song was a battle for us due to circumstances outside the band. To our fans and everyone that has stuck with us through it, we have nothing but the deepest thanks. We have had everything from close family deaths, financial crisis and some other extenuating circumstances that really made getting this released and completed the biggest struggle we have faced so far. We were undergoing and are always undergoing some music changes as our writing styles are influenced by our personal growth in musicianship and varying musical tastes along the way. This song was actually recorded two years ago and I was in a very dark place. I had some personal struggles come crashing down that had me in a deep depression and while fans might get the impression that the lyrics to this single are aggressively directed outward, I actually wrote the song to myself to get me through.

8. Are you guys ready for the zombie apocalypse, if so how are you prepared for it?

Joshua: Bears, beets, Battlestar Galactica.

9. What type of zombie would you want to be and why?

Joshua: Brutal and still tight.

10. You guys are currently unsigned, do you hope to get signed or do you prefer the self approach?

Joshua: This all depends on the deal. We have turned down record deal offers in the past. The numbers need to add up and we can plan out every detail of our careers but realistically, we just have to make decisions as they come and be flexible to make decisions when they arise. We have a great management team and those are decisions we work on together when they arise.

11. What's your outlook on the record industry today?

Joshua: Oversatured. The internet provides access to recording software, presets and a myriad of methods for spitting music out quicker than you can keep up. I think there are challenges financially that are induced by downloading, streaming and other factors. I think it's still an industry ripe with opportunity for those who can calculate their approach, gain an undeniable fan base and be flexible as technologies and strategies change.

12. What do you think about downloading music online?

Joshua: I think it presents challenges but also advantages. On one side, it can create strain and artists have a lot more difficulty gaining recognition but on the flip side, anyone has access to more exposure online than was ever possible before. I think there are creative ways to make this work to your advantage.

13. What inspires you to do what you do?

Joshua: Being 45 and be able to look back at a life of accomplishments that were thought to be "impossible and irrational" by people who didn't understand why we would choose this path rather than play it safe, go to school and sell off to a 9 to 5.

14. What advice would you give to fellow bands?

Joshua: Don't be a douchebag, work hard, accept criticism, constantly work to improve, people skills and professionalism are invaluable and networking is everything. But most importantly, no matter how important the business side of music is, don't ever forget to do what you love and don't stop loving it. At the point where the passion runs out, this lift isn't worth it anymore, so never forget why you started when things get rough.

15. How does music affect you and the world around you?

Joshua: It brings the vibes haha.

16. Tell me what it was like to have, held down the #1 spot on MySpace Unsigned metal charts and made the Top 5 Overall Metal Charts along with a centerfold in Billboard Magazine?

Joshua: It was really surreal, haha. I just remember looking at it and realizing, "We have a shot at this" and started making moves to try and capitalize. It really provided a substantial perspective on branching out past our local scene and trying to be noticed by people in the industry who have a lot of experience and still see potential in our music. It was a rad feeling.

17. You mentioned that you have new music on the way, so when can we expect to hear the new tunes?

Joshua: Very soon. We are working hard and this new music will be the most current music we have ever released. That sounds like a stupid thing to say but all of our material released so far was released years after it was written. The new material will be the first that is written and released when we are still on on the high of it, if that makes sense.

18. How does the new music differ, compare, and evolve from your previous EP "A Hope Remains"?

Joshua: A little more polished. I have been playing with different vocal styles, mainly rapping (I know, I know) and we're trying to meld something together that creates a fusion of what fans liked about us at the start, along with a blend of music influences we draw from now. We want it to sound progressive, like the music has grown up with us, but still have the touches that make it sound like us for the fans that have been with us since way back.

19. What else do you guys have lined-up for this year?

Joshua: There's still a lot in the works. We'll be re-branding (new logo, promos, mercy), releasing new music and hopefully getting back out on the road. Stay in touch with us on our social media for updates on all that as it substantiates.

20. Anything else you'd like to say or would like to add?

Joshua: Thanks so much for taking the time to feature us on your website and your interest in the band. We really appreciate it. Also a huge thank you to our fans, we have some amazing people that have believed in this project and reached out and told us stories of how our music makes them feel and those interactions keep us going. Seriously, thank you guys and also a huge thank you to our manager, Eric, who is just a rarity in this industry. Hard working, honest and supportive. Has always believed in us even when we doubt ourselves, Thanks, E, we all love you.

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