Cage The God's - Badlands

Cage The God's kicked things off with their debut EP "Favorite Sin" now it's happening all over again with debut full-length "Badlands". These British gents are in-store for big things thus far with these two releases back to back. They are not only on the road but hitting the U.S. of A at the South By Southwest Festival with more touring to follow-through.

Their debut full-length "Badlands" takes the progress that was their EP and expands it, more in your face energy with melody driven riffs, instrumentals, and lyrics all crammed into a one hit wonder of a release. By first glance you get delivered a similar styling to that of Buckcherry meets AD/DC crossed with Airbourne mixed with Led Zeppelin.

Songs like "The Ending", "Sacrifice", "Trouble Reigns", "Falling", "One More Taste", and "Promises", are the one's sticking out a lot aside from the previous EP one hit wonder single "Favorite Sin", that was re-released on this album along with an alternative version of it being an acoustic bonus. These songs again are the ones to stick out a lot due to the creativity, the lyrics being very heartfelt and relatable and overall enjoyable to listen in on. The instrumentals and vocal chords play their parts, each working together as each song progresses from one another, making it come full circle if you will.

Cage The God's EP gave us a glimpse into what would become and it's found upon "Badlands" hands down. Now all that's left is their performance traits that are said to be filled with high end energy, maturity, craft, going far beyond their years.

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