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In a recent interview conducted via email with vocalist Levi Benton of Miss May I the frontman discusses the band’s upcoming routines, current touring routes and everything there is to know about "Apologies Are For The Weak". Catch all the juicy gossip in the conversation enlisted below!

1. Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Miss May I and how long has the band been together?

Levi: I’m Levi Benton the singer of Miss May I. We have been together for around 2 years.

2. Where's the band from and what's the music scene like there, any bands you'd recommend?

Levi: We are from Dayton Ohio and the scene used to be huge due to Hawthorne Heights and TDWP coming from the same neighborhood but has slowly died out. We highly recommend our good friends in Let’s Get It.

3. Is there any story or concept behind the title "Apologies Are For The Weak"?

Levi: Well the most of the album was written after we signed to Rise Records and knew we had to start on a full length. The whole process of us wanting to tour and see the world by playing music didn't really seem so great in the people’s eyes that we were close to like our parents and friends. Some parents were upset that we were going to graduate high school and go straight to the road and friends weren't happy with us just leaving for long periods of times. So we had to make the sacrifice and go through so much to get to where we are today and go on with our dreams.

The whole album and all the lyrics go right along with the different struggles we went through. Girlfriends, friends, lies, trust, and so much more deeper topics it revolves around anything and everything. I enjoy writing to make you feel more than what I felt when I wrote it and feel what you want and get your own story out of it because it all is struggles we go through. But this is what I wrote it from so this is my view. The title "Apologies Are For The Weak" stands for all the album in a whole. It stands for how we couldn't apologize for our dreams coming true and we wanted to do this no matter what stood in our way. It was "weak" for us to give "apologies" and give up on our dreams. So the album was to show our journey and story of what we went through to get to this point. Never giving up and always going forward.

4. With so many metal bands out there, what do you think makes Miss May I stand out from the crowd?

Levi: Well we really try not and are the most brutal or like scene band. We really just like doing what we do and have a lot of fun playing what we do. And it’s just great that people like it and we don’t have to change ourselves to impress. Also we try not and are groundbreaking like every band. We try and just be good at what we do and strive to be a classic. Like As I lay Dying, Unearth, It Dies Today, etc.

5. What do you want your fans to say after listening to "Apologies Are For The Weak"?

Levi: We want them to really relate to the lyrics and really just know they can listen to the album all the way through without getting bored and tired and hopefully have a good time all the way through.

6. What bands have you had the opportunity to share the stage with?

Levi: We have shared the stage with, The Devil Wears Prada, A Day To Remember, Job For A Cowboy, Impending Doom, The Red Chord, Attack Attack! - And many others.

7. Have you ever had a bad interview experience with a Journalist?

Levi: Ehh not really, we have actually been caught way off guard in Canada when the interview turned into a political interview haha.

8. What can one expect from a live Miss May I show?

Levi: Well we hope that people will think our set is better than our album. We work really hard on our live set and really want it to be great.

9. You're currently out on the road, getting along with the bands? What city/venue are you most excited to go to?

Levi: We love the tour we on at the moment "Shred Till Your Dead Tour". Especially cause we are on tour with our hometown dudes Attack Attack! And we really love the city of Denver Colorado because, well.... it’s just a perfect town and we love snow.

10. How hard was it to get signed onto Rise Records, are you satisfied of being a part of their family?

Levi: Rise really great to sign to and came to us which blew our minds and was frankly just a dream come true in all. And ever since the beginning they have treated us like one of their own and it’s always been a great family. So we wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

11. Have any plans for the remainder of this year, and what should we expect from you come next year?

Levi: Well to finish off the year we are going out as direct support to: The Tour That Stole Christmas" with Iwresteledabearonce and some other great bands. Then we are starting the New Year with a New Years Eve show at home to spend it with the original great fans back in Ohio. Then we’re going out in January with Emmure on The Mosh Lives Tour 2 followed by hopefully one more tour in March before we go into the studio in May to record our September released sophomore album. And of course to top off all that we will be on a great summer fest.

12. Any final words of wisdom?

Levi: We just want everyone to know who reads this that if you really want something to happen and believe in it. It will happen and anything is possible for real.

Originally posted via KillerTours Website.

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