Fallen Martyr's Six Roots of True Will

Maryland does not just expose the up and coming whether it’d be movies or music or what have you, but it delivers in introducing to you the latest developments that deal with monsters? You heard right real live monsters or shall I say a melodic set of monsters if that makes it any better. I’m talking about Fallen Martyr, whose reigning terror has truly decreased itself, as surely as their EP “The Six Roots of True Will”, has done.

2005 brought together Doug Albers (bass), Gabriel Luis (guitar), Ryan Rawlings (vocals), Michael Gerlash (guitar), along with Jake Ford (drums) to establish this melodic force field of disaster that has caused so much more than it was meant to create. "Reverse Metamorphasis", and 'All In", both combine the melodic sound waves that clashes together some modern American metal inspiration mixed in with some euro power metal with a dash of progressive attitude with aggressive thrash metal thrown to top it all off. Instantly recognizable is the influenced merging affect, you can tell at first glance the styling’s of Testament, Dream Theater, Arch Enemy and more modern aspects, Into Eternity and Mutiny Within, which breathes in that craftsmanship that has built this album to work with such meaningful lyrics to maintain its structure.

"Scars of Dissociation", is the brief intermission as it slowly entangles itself leading into "The Man Becomes the Prophet". Which hands down unleashes such technical tactics with such memorable melodies and grasping solos with overwhelming riffs the music consume its listener right on target having them eagerly wanting more. Fallen Martyr has mastered their styling sound waves and can structure together a well rounded song alignment and then some, so surly these metal monsters will be causing a lot more mayhem than mischief once the 2010 term ignites.

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