The Christmas Nightmare

It was the week before Christmas and not a single person was stirring except perhaps some ghosts? On December 18, 2009 a handful of loyal followers gathered at the world famous Whisky A GO-GO In Hollywood, to oversee the mischief misfits I Am Ghost with their counter partners Still Phantoms.

The night itself was slowly unfolding itself as a line formed outside the doors of that cold but crisp chilly winter night the sea of black flocking into the club taking their positions as they sat in awe of the first arrangement of performances. But after the clock had struck 11 the real fun was about to begin and for a loyal fan base to follow them Long Beach go getters I Am Ghost were ready to please.

Playing tribute to the timeless classic Tim Burton film The Nightmare Before Christmas, I Am Ghost’s introduction was a crowd pleaser for everybody awaiting the band’s arrival to the stage. After the intro had ended the band came abruptly to the stage and did they did for the night, throwing together as always the old meets the new, with hits that included "Bone Garden", "Killer Likes Candy", "Burn The Bodies TO The Ground", "Saddest Story Never Told", "Those We Leave Behind", "We Are Always Searching", "Don't Wake Up", and "Our Friend Lazarus Sleeps".

I Am Ghost interacted with the crowd of on-lookers from throwing their fists in the air to jumping up and down in energetic proportions keeping the momentum constantly flowing long into the last act of the night, Still Phantoms. Whose ghostly image maintained what I Am Ghost was producing but the Still Phantoms managed to rattle up the spooktacular night. “Translucent Hymns” is the band’s first LP to hit the music scene and the band hands down let the music roll with “He Walks Amongst Us”, “Ravens Dive, “The Man That Wasn’t There”, “Chasing Shadows”, and specialty encore “Awaken”.

It was a night filled with spirits, spooks and Christmas nightmares that were surly follow you long into the night.
Written/Photographed By: Natalie Perez

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