Still Phantoms Translucent Hymns

Still Phantoms is one of those bands you find yourself listening to in a small dark four walled room with no way out and nobody to turn to. They present this Ambient Dark Rock speculation that is influenced by all styles of music ranging from hard rock to hip-hop straight to the core of it all, with metal meeting its electro beats. The music is nothing that unusual but can be heard at this point and time within this particular music scene. Simply Still Phantoms says quote “Interpret what you Hear, Not what you are told to Hear".

When it comes to breaking down this thirteen track enlightenment,” Translucent Hymns”, you may notice the number 13 labeled across the amount of tracks enlisted, but don't let the number fool you just yet. These tunes have possessed this type of “dark energy” that manages to overrun the music itself. For instance “He Walks Amongst Us”, the introduction alone has that rattling marching undertone that sends this eerie sensation running instantly down your backside. Whereas the music itself doesn’t start up until 30 seconds later after, the marching of the drums has decreased pushing out this overwhelming power of vocal chords sung by front women Ashley Martin. Who’s amazing voice sets off this darkness vibration that cannot be explained.

"The Man That Wasn't There", seems to dish out the same energy source that the intro song had done, procrastinating the music which undoubtedly allows the keyboards to partake in their share of segments and allows the vocals to come in on their own accord - bringing out this dark method of awe that resembles that of Evanescence meets I Am Ghost. Whereas other tunes tend to be instrumental “Sounds of the Shadows”, and briefly upon "A Haunting Realm", those they still lash out that “dark energy” that keeps the music that more interesting to listen in on.

"Echoes of the Past", and "Time Stood Still", still unleashes that same momentum as the other tunes had done which showcases that Still Phantoms is definitely that dark gloomy sound wave of music that has maintained a worthy image of themselves to look upon day in and day out, never misleading it to undergo a day without the need of darkness.

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