The Venetia Fair's Circus Run

We've all been to the circus at least once in our lifetimes but when it comes to the rock n ‘roll stylings of The Venetia Fair their type of circus is simply out of this world. Would you believe that their album is titled "The Circus"? If you couldn't guess that by now then I guess your head isn’t screwed on properly.

Any who, The Venetia Fair takes you on a bumpy ride that is purely justified as absolution. Why is that? Well perhaps this debut album of theirs tends to do something most new comers cannot. The first half portrays itself as “The Overture”. That showcases nothing more but your average lyrics, instrumental segmentations, harmonies mixed with melodies that manages to untangle itself every so often the music loses it’s meaning of bounciness. The instruments lack in procrastinating that uplifting feeling of progression. The lyrics are the ones maintaining all of the work, being rolled right out like a red carpet to a movie premiere, just get thrown out there and a few words are spoken of and everything is moved right along. Plain and simple is the indication here.

While the second half is the invitation to “The Circus” that should be more embracing and entertaining should it not? Wrong! The second half does get the job done but again it manages to lack but has a different quality all its own. "Because You’re Lonely (The Circus)", "The Ringleader (Nonus the Hobo)", "The Animals Tent (Decimus the Tramp)", and "The Performers Tent (Mortus The Bum)", all directs the music to lay itself according to each song. For instance the keyboards tend to play a lot more often to whereas the vocals and other instrumental segments only getting several minutes to shine in the spotlight.

The Venetia Fair showcases pure talent but the music doesn’t quite live up to its fullest determination here. These guys can easily dish out a catchier energetic atmosphere that doesn’t get overrun with lacking qualities.

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