The Mezcaltones - The Mezcaltones Second

Taking influence from such cult films as the classics ranging from Pulp Fiction, Once Upon A Time In Mexico, and From Dusk Till Dawn, The Mezcaltones have got a style that is truly unique and of their own accord. It can be found upon their most recent full-length release "The Mezcaltones Second".

The style they have created for themselves is hard to place. For it blends together with the likes of rock mixed in with some country and a dash of psychobilly and rockabilly as well. That is what a lot of what can be expected on this album. Especially on their accompanying single that comes from it titled "Humble Pride". The track plays off as being upbeat, catching, and downright a lot of fun. It sucks you in, not spitting you out until the song wraps up. That's how much of an intake this little song has within itself.

Funny enough other tracks to come from this album sort of do the same deal. Like take for instance "Howlin' at the Moon", "Na Na Na", and "Let Love Reign". These just like the single "Humble Pride", do a lot of the same formula. Same set-up as being upbeat, catching, and a lot of fun to listen in on. The vocalization provided, really keeps the musical content driving along as each song cycles on through.

Whereas the entirety of the album, and the band themselves are very vivid and outgoing, keeping it altogether, while also in check as well. Their style of sound brought to mind acts like The Horrorpops, Nekromantix, and even some Tiger Army.

All in all though, The Mezcaltone's album "The Mezcaltones Second", is a release of its kind, being very original, unique. and a very interesting band to back it all up, into a nice little corner, that will push themselves against everything in sight, to get noticed by whoever listens to them!

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