KVNE - Make Me Better

Canadian Kevin Edworthy or professionally known as KVNE, has released his most recent works of a single titled "Make Me Better". Whilst the summer time song has made it's rounds upon Spotify, going over 25,000 streams and counting, KVNE as an artist, makes his music shall we say very original.

He takes such genres as Urban pop blended with R&B to capture something that is modernized yet funky. His embrace of the genres, makes his style become quite familiar, just as all the other styles of acts within the genres at hand. Surely his working's will do well, just as "Make Me Better", has already done. In fact, it's success has been so welcoming that an accompanying lyrical video depicting the context of the track is up online as we speak. Or type this out literally.

Overall though KVNE is an artist, of his time and kind. Since an early age of 13, he has had his career within music expand and grow. "Make Me Better", was written by KVNE along with Solomon Mallo and Julian Broderick, being produced by pdub the product and released via the label KillaKollective.

The song's context on the other hand is pure and simple, it discussing the matters of KVNE dealing with a partner, whose time with him, has caused him to get lovey dovey with this person, unable to know what to do. The feelings of emotion just becoming so gripping, that as the song title implies "Make Me Better", hence what the song entails.

The song's actual tone of beat, is straight forward, being catching to the ears, allowing for you as a listener, to take it in one full swing of things. It's a track you can find enjoyment in hearing. His vocalization making the track be bouncy yet moving as well.

All in all KVNE as an artist, just creates music in his own mannerism that like the song title depicts of saying "Make Me Better". Which is what this song does, it makes all else better, and it is one you will likely hear more than once in the coming future.


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