Major Moments - Leave Out All The Rest (A Tribute To Chester Bennington)

An array of numerous people have come and go from our lives, some of which within the likes of the Entertainment and Music scenes. During the summer of 2017 someone in the scene of music named Chester Bennington passed on, he was known best by fronting the band called Linkin Park. His vocalization being famous, as his band would sky rocket over so many years, it is unreal to see such a true musician leave us the way he did. As it would go, his death would have had him be revealed as suffering from mental illness. Like many people around the globe deal with in their own everyday lifestyles. Many musicians both artists and bands alike would pay tribute to the fallen artist Chester Bennington. This would include most recent band called Major Moment with their tribute rendition of a Linkin Park track titled "Leave Out All The Rest".

Major Moment taking Linkin Park as one of their influences along with them being an inspiration of sorts too, this tribute comes out rather well thought out and well put together. Major Moment would literally depict how exactly this track would go about, saying in fact that "A year ago on July 20th, the entire world took in a painful, sharp breath all at once when we learned of Chester Bennington’s death. Suffering from this tragedy as if it happened to our family member, we took the pain of grief and turned it into music. The idea of recording a Linkin Park song as a tribute came naturally with an instant vision for "Leave Out All The Rest". But we had some debates about how to release this song in the way that people will see it as intended, as us pouring our hearts out in memory of our late hero, and not trying to monetize off of this tragedy... And we decided to donate all profits to Talinda Bennington's charity, 320 Changes Direction, that raises awareness of mental health and depression. So please, let's help to make this world a better place for everyone and #MakeChesterProud! #IamTheChange."

With that, "Leave Out All The Rest", their version of the track plays off as being a mere copy cat slightly at least, to that of Linkin Park's original version of the same track. Major Moments version adds in some elements of acoustics, adding some growth and flare to it. Whilst the rest of the track appears energy filled with lots of spunk and edginess too. The track is all in all well played and nice. A well deserved tribute addition to the lost member of Linkin Park, that he surely approves of for sure.

Major Moments as a whole, as a band, does do their music justice, as it serves as an added area to what was lost. Their music being very unique and original, it keeps to what all other music is doing today, being modern yet fun.

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