Fergus Hambleton - Slow Fade Into Black

Fergus Hambleton has released his latest works titled "Slow Fade Into Black". This title being not an album or EP release but a single, that is actually a tribute to a close friend of his and band mate named Bruce "Preacher" Robinson. So with that, this track features Fergus on a performance level that is cunning yet entertaining.

The track not only falls on its own, but has an accompanying video to go with it. A live performance clip of Fergus playing the track in a recording studio, where he gives it his all for sure. Throughout his performance, is shown his grace as a musician and performer. For his skills are set on the level, as even the studio crew digs his music.

It's just the way of how Fergus performs really. He has this charm, yet grace as said prior, that makes his music so welcoming, you find yourself enjoying it so much, that you may just play it again and again for that matter. Having do just that myself, it brought upon a likeness that just made his music more beautiful and even flawless.

When listening in and viewing visually a track such as "Slow Fade Into Black", you get this pictured aspect of peace, nature, and just a warm feeling of emotion. The song brings out this upbeat tone, but keeps everything in tune with all else going on. Like for instance Fergus' style of vocalization is done rather nicely, him being able to be fun when hearing him vocalize. Whereas the instrumentation side of things, is brief but really pulls in all the right spots musically.

In short, Fergus Hambleton has got a track and video with him currently, and this one "Slow Fade Into Black", just expresses all that music is suppose to be about. Both visually, emotionally, and expressively. Fergus captures all of this, if not more so. Surely this style he has got here, will grip and grow, creating ever so more content, that will be just as catching and enjoyable as this one.

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