Dead By Monday Discusses Single, Debut EP and Newer Music Already in the Works!

Punk rockers DEAD BY MONDAY have their debut EP "Almost Punk" out for the summer, with single "Dead Souls", being quite explosive as it were by many who have heard it. Already hard at work upon more music, all new content that will come forth soon enough. The band goes on to discuss this EP, it's single, and how far along they are with the all new music in the works currently!

1. Let's start with the introductions, who are you and what is it that you do in the band?

Hi, we’re Dead by Monday from Glasgow Scotland and our band consists of Murray Taylor on vocals, Ciaran Whyte on drums, Declan Buist on bass and Paddy Chapman on guitar.

2. So Dead By Monday is a unique name, but is there a story behind it? Where did it come from?

It’s all about working shit 9-5 jobs and constantly wishing for more to be honest. Everybody does it – wishes they were doing something other than what they actually are doing for a living and yet also not really doing much about it apart from drowning their sorrows or working constantly throughout the weekend, making us all Dead by Monday!

3. What type of band are you, as far as sound and style goes?

We’re very heavy with a lot of aggressive punk, metal and anarchic elements to our music but we’re not afraid to get in touch with our sensitive side as well from time to time, if anything that just makes the heavy elements stand out even more!

4. Who are your musical influences and why?

There are honestly so many but if we had to list a few we would probably say Gallows, Alexisonfire, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Slipknot, Rush, Tool and Rage Against The Machine. You couldn’t really attribute our sound to any one particular artist because we all have such wide music tastes and this helps make our incredibly unique sound!

5. Who writes the songs, what are they about?

We all have a hand in songwriting, Murray (vocals) writes the majority of the lyrics and Paddy (guitar) and Ciaran (drums) normally write the main riffs and drum parts. Declan (bass) has the most important job – he’s the final quality control on whether or not something actually sounds good. If Declan approves then we know we have a killer riff on our hands! Our songs can be about anything depending on what kind of mood we’re in at the time. We wrote Almost Punk while Donald Trump was in the middle of his election campaign and Brexit was happening so it definitely has a strong political edge to it!

6. Can you tell me the reasoning behind picking the track "Dead Souls", as a single choice for this debut EP "Almost Punk".

That’s easy, Dead Souls has the catchiest chorus of all the songs on the EP. We believe it’s the song that’s the most indicative of our song, encompassing all the melodic and heavy elements we
utilise on a regular basis.

7. Will the EP "Almost Punk", have any other songs picked and made into singles?

We don’t like to give too much away but depending on how long it takes to write and record our follow up we may or may not have to release a music video for one of the songs in the meantime, gotta keep people interested between releases!

8. How does it feel to have a debut release under your belts, did you see this sort of thing to even happen for Dead By Monday?

We’ve always had big ambitions as a band and this is just the start of what we want to accomplish. We’ve already come further than the majority of people who form bands and this is through sheer grit and determination so yeah, we saw this coming but what we never expected was the fantastic response we’ve been receiving for the EP, it really is humbling!

9. What other sort of plans does the band have in-store?

We’re currently writing songs for the follow up to "Almost Punk",  we have about 50% of the songs written and ready to take to the studio so we’re all really excited for that!

10. Anything else you want to add on?

"Almost Punk" is released on July 27th and to celebrate it we’re playing two massive shows, we’ll be at The Classic Grand in Glasgow on July 26th and the we’ll drive down to Stockport to play The Spinning Top on July 27th so if you’re in any of those areas come down to these shows and help us celebrate heavy music in style!

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