Australian death pop adventurers VOWWS just released their latest single turned video release called "Structure of Love", off their album "Under The World". The duo goes into talks about their album, this single of theirs, as well as what else they have planned as far as shows and touring goes.

1. Give a brief history of VOWWS, music style, and the members.

We're an Australian born, LA-Based Death Pop duo. We are Matt and Rizz.

2. How did you come get the name VOWWS for your band?

It came to us pretty quickly. The word just has an ambiguous heaviness to it that we like, and thinks represents our music and our art well. It signifies depth, devotion and a certain ride-or-die thing that is part of us.

3. You recently released the video for your new single "Structure of Love"- where did you find the inspiration for the fun track?

The genesis of the lyrics isn't really fun, it's about paranoid love, obsession and idealization - all the little deaths we die in the service of connecting with another person. The music was meant to have a chaotic sort of disjointed beauty to reflect that.

4. Similarly, what would you say the track means to you?

Once we got the pieces together, and it actually sounded cool, it was pretty special because it was out most complicated and difficult song to compose into a finished product. Because it's kind of disjointed, it captures a lot of the different sides of who we are, and in a way it's like our weird flagship song. 

5. Speaking of the video, what was it like shooting it, tell us a bit about the concept?

We just got a small, vintage camper and drove out to the Salton Sea. It's a crazy place, one of the places the rest of the world has really forgotten about. We're attracted to that stuff for some reason. There wasn't really a solid concept to start with, we just wanted to take mushrooms and absorb that environment as much as we could. Be as disconnected from people and society as possible.

6. Will there any other tracks to be made in this fashion, as far as singles and videos go off this album "Under The World".

We make as much visual accompaniment as we can - we work as a two person team so it makes it hard and take a while to make videos. But that's the only way we'll work.

7. How would you describe the album "Under The World"? Are there any themes to it?

It's hard for us to describe our music, we tend to leave that to others. As far as lyrical themes, it's often metaphorical and spoken it ways that aren't direct. There's a lot of stuff about the internal journey/struggle, the tiny manipulations that people pull on each other, power struggles, love, some stuff about the state of the world, etc. But we don't like to beat people over the head with our ideas, we like to put something out there and let people hang their own stuff on it, cause it has to be open enough that it can mean something to the listener, if that makes sense.

8. Do you have a favorite song or lyric off this album? If so, what is it and why?

It changes. This week it's probably Burn - I just like the way that song moves, it's a bit different for us, and it means something to me personally.

9. Does the band have anything planned for the rest of this year, tour, shows?

We have a couple of cool shows coming up in LA, and we're planning more touring. We'll also have some big collaboration news soon.

10. Finally, how would you describe VOWWS to someone who has never listened to the band?

Poison chocolate.

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