The Stars Revolt's Richie Chats of EP, Single, and Just Doing Their Thing

Rock n' roll emo punks The Stars Revolt, have their "Self-Titled" EP out soon enough, with an accompanying single for "Be Careful What You Wish For", already making word across the board. Frontman vocalist.guitarist Richie Ray, chats about the EP, it's single and video release, and further plans for the year.

1. What are your names and what do you do in the band?

Richie: I'm Richie, I sing and play guitar. Skyler also plays guitar, Will plays bass and Brett is on drums.

2. Let’s start off with an icebreaker. If you could describe your band in 3 words, what would they be?

Richie: Emo. Rock. Music.

3. You guys are a newer band so many people might know about your history. Would you be able to delve into it a little?

Richie: I knew the other guys from producing records for them. I hadn't done anything of my own musically since Shindig broke up in '09.  Skyler was helping me renovate my new studio and he got me to get together with him and Brett to play. After a couple of times, we ended up writing "Goodnight, Goodnight". We decided to play a show as a one time thing, so we got Will to come in on bass. After the show, we decided to do it for real, and here we are.

4. Where does the name The Stars Revolt come from and why?

Richie: We knew we wanted something with a revolution. We have kind of a modern throwback vibe, so we came up with a ton of names, until we found one that we all loved.

5. You recently released the lead single "Be Careful What You Wish For", off your upcoming "Self-Titled" debut EP- where did you go to find inspiration for this particular track?

Richie: The inspiration for the song in general came from a joke at practice. We had done the primary tracking for the record and we were talking about how we didn't have a ballad on the album. Skyler said "Let's write one" and we all laughed and then Brett played that opening drum beat.  Within 10 minutes, we had the arrangement and music fleshed out. Lyrically, it just comes from life experience of mine and some friends that have recently gone through a divorce.

6. Will we be seeing or hearing any other tracks taken from this EP, to be made into singles and or video releases?

Richie: Yeah, for sure. We originally had another single picked out and another video in pre-production for "Burn What's Left".  We decided to change it about two weeks before the shoot. Eventually we'll shoot that video and hopefully one for "Pretend".

7. Why did you want to go with "Self-Titling" this EP as opposed to naming it something else?

Richie: We were toying around with calling it "Burn What's Left", but ultimately went with self titling it. More of thing like we're The Stars Revolt and this is who we are.

8. What are your thoughts on the expression "Be Careful What You Wish For"? Have there been any wishes you have made that you were not so careful about?

Richie: Oh yeah. And basically that's what the song is about. It's a reactionary tale about how things rarely turn out how you want.

9. As a whole, how would you describe this EP both in sound and content?

Richie: It's just a straight up rock record. It's got a modern radio sound with a heavy hint of emo. It's got a lot of dark overtones musically. Lyrically, Will calls it a break up record. Which I guess it is, but it isn't.  It's one of things that you'll have to listen and interpret yourself.

10. What does the band have planned for the rest of this year?

Richie: Mostly just promoting this EP, playing shows and shooting more videos. We'll keep on doing what we're doing and hopefully people like it.

11. Would you like to add or say anything more?

Richie: Oh yes. Be sure to pick up the new EP.  It's currently available for pre-order on iTunes and Amazon and it'll be available everywhere on May 18th. Follow us on social media and tell all of your friends.

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