Get on board with rock group SPACE ELEVATOR, because their newest and latest contents comes in the form of their album "Space Elevator II", with latest single of "We Can Fly". The band talks of this album, single, and them looking forward to playing some shows, and writing all new music for the next release!

1. So you have a new album coming titled "Space Elevator II", so was there a "Space Elevator I"?

Well our debut released in 2014 was just called "Space Elevator".

2. What is the Space Elevator, a futuristic elevator?

A space elevator is indeed that, an elevator that would get you part way to space. There are designs in place, one specifically by Thoth Technologies which is a 20km high tower. It avoids the need for rocketry to get out of earth's atmosphere. Thoth have used one of our songs on their CGI animation, demonstration. We shot our latest video at their facility in Ontario, Canada.

3. You went ahead with releasing a new single made video called "We Can Fly", so do tell?

"We Can Fly" is also on our debut album. Because we had hooked up with Thoth and accepted their offer to shoot a video at their facility atop the largest privately owned satellite dish in the world, "We Can Fly", seemed the appropriate track. "Space Elevator II" had only just seen the start of the writing sessions. In the end we re-recorded "We Can Fly" and re-mixed it for "Space Elevator II". Our new bass player Chas Maguire also replaced the bass part from the first album played by Neil Murray as he is in the video.

4. Will there be any other tracks off this album, that will be made into singles and or video releases?

Yes, either "Keep Waiting", "W.Y.T.A.T." ( What Do You Think About That ) or "Queen For A Day".

5. Can you describe the artwork for "Space Elevator II"?

It's the band inside a space elevator heading to the first gig in space! That's why the plane is way below us. Thoth have offered us the first gig on top of their tower when it's built. It doesn't really look like an elevator in reality but the idea of the cover was to consolidate our collaboration with Thoth, and to show that we are genuinely connected to the science of a space elevator through Thoth.
6. What about the title, "Space Elevator II", is that a continuation of something?

It's more important to get the name of the band over than an invented album title. It also follows on from Queen II, Led Zeppelin II, Van Halen II, Kiss Alive II etc.

7. Where to begin with explaining to others as to why they should check out Space Elevator, let alone this album?

We play big, multi layered rock music with lots of harmony and melody. We want a big bombastic sound but with instantly memorable melodies. Live we want to entertain, so each gig is an event. This manifests itself in the flamboyance of lead singer "The Duchess".

8. What plans lay ahead for the band, for this year?

We have a UK tour starting this week, May 17. Hopefully additional festival appearances, some overseas touring is being looked into and to start writing and recording our next album.

9. How did you come up with the name Space Elevator?

We just wanted something big! The Duchess was watching a program about Virgin Galactic and space travel. It came from there.

10. Anything else you would like to say?

Check out the video for "We Can Fly" and then the album. If you like big sounding rock with tons of melody, you won't be disappointed!

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