North East Bistro Releases New Song "Sing Your Heartache"

After a seven-year absence, with their lead singer losing his left leg in a terrible work accident, the band NORTH EAST BISTRO has decided to reunite and is celebrating the event by releasing a new single.

Montreal, Mai 11 2018. Indy rock band NORTH EAST BISTRO is back with "SING YOUR HEARTACHE", a new single recorded in January and produced by Kevin Jardine (Slaves on Dope).

 After a very long and difficult recovery, lead singer Ian Lavoie realized he wanted to get the band back together and of course the rest of the crew answered the call. Creative juices flowing the band headed to Uplift Studios and recorded "SING YOUR HEARTACHE".

Produced by Kevin Jardine, the single is pure NEB, filled with its usual melancholic melodies, powerful emotions and unanswered questions. The band is now in pre-production of a new EP and a return to the stage is planned for the fall, which it’s combative and courageous lead singer is promising to be an emotion filled evening.

To hear the new track just follow the links below:



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