Night Club Duo Chat of the Tour that Makes a Lot of Buzz!

Unique duo act Night Club, is a band who is made up of two personal, Emily Kavanaugh and Mark Brooks. Their style blends the likeness to that of which is electronic, industrial as well as rock. Together this duo, will embark on an upcoming tour unlike any other prior, along with releasing a new full-length album this summer, with just who knows what else they plan on doing, only time will tell for certain. The duo goes into chit chat about this tour because it is such a big deal for them and others as well!

1. You will be heading out on tour with an array of bands for the next couple of months, what do you hope to accomplish upon this touring cycle?

So excited to get back on the road, it feels like it's been forever. When we start tour on May 18th, we'll have finished our new record so we're really looking forward to playing and testing out some of the new songs. You really have no idea how people will react to new stuff until you actually play it in front of them, so we’re definitely curious to see what people think.

2. What have you done to prepare to yourselves for this upcoming tour?

Honestly nothing yet, we’ve been trying to finish this damn album.  We have no social life at the moment, our friends probably hate us. We’ve been in the studio every night, not going out ever. I think in the week before we leave we’ll be crazed with rehearsing and shopping for shit to bring on the bus because that’s where we’ll be living for 6 straight weeks.

3. What are you looking forward to about working with Combichrist and Wednesday13?

We met Combichrist on the Lords of Acid tour and we instantly just hit it off. They’re such a good live band, so much energy, super raw. I think we watched their set just about every night on the Lords tour, and I’m sure we’ll be watching them again every night on this tour because they’re just so captivating. It’s inspiring to watch guys who really give a shit about what they’re doing and put it all out there every night. And Joe Letz (their drummer) is a machine, you find yourself just glued to him when he’s performing. We’ve actually never met Wednesday 13, but we dig his music and look forward to seeing his live set.

4. When it comes to day 1/night 1 of the tour, what do you do to get the stress off?

Wine. A lot of wine.

5. What about the actual show itself, do you go all out for day/night 1 or just go a usual route like any other show?

I’m sure night 1 we’ll be naturally energized because it’s the start of tour and you’re excited and you’re playing new material, etc. Week 3 on the other hand (after you’ve been sleeping on a bus and staying up until 4am every night), we’ll have to see. I think we’ll still bring the energy though, we usually always do.

6. What can one expect from a Night Club show?

Leather, dancing, sweating, backbends, trying not to fall or trip on stage. And then afterwards we’ll probably be at the merch booth or on the bus drinking wine. Come say hi.

7. How do you promote your band and shows?

We’ve found that the best way to promote our band is by making videos.  We’ve been making videos since day one and we do it all ourselves.  So many people come up to us at shows and tell us that’s how they discovered us.

8. Do you remember the first show your band played?

Oh yes. We had a total of 5 songs at that point so our set was like 15 minutes long, and for some reason the headliner decided to put a bunch of webs in front of the stage (it was a Halloween show) so you were basically shielded by these annoying dumb webs that made it hard for anyone to even see you. Also I (Emily) had zero idea what I was doing as I never performed in a band before so I was really nervous and just kind of awkwardly dancing around. Which I guess I still do, but I do it with more confidence now. I’m confidently awkward.

9. What was the first concert you attended as a fan?

Emily: I think mine was maybe NSYNC and Britney Spears (as their opener). I have no regrets.

Mark: Queen with Billy Squire opening.  Legendary.

10. Once this tour is wrapped up, what do you have planned afterwards?

Sleeping until our new album "Scary World" comes out on August 24th.  And then, who knows?? Touring more? Going back to sleep? Check back in with us in August!

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