Brighton Quintet MAYPINE have announced that their forthcoming EP will be titled "Bend/Break" and sees self-release on July 6th 2018. Vocalist Jase explains the how the EP took its name in part from the sport of American Football: "A defence might allow a quarterback to throw for 500 yards and complete many passes, but if that offence doesn’t score touchdowns, the defense is said to have bent but not broken. As it relates to the EP, the analogy symbolizes an internal struggle with one’s own personal demons. If you keep swimming and you don’t drown, you don’t give in, you don’t quit, then you haven’t broken and you’ve overcome your struggles despite adversity." With the lyric "Keep my head above water, I’m drowning/How long before something’s got to give", the band’s lead single "Give" also references this idea directly.

Completed by Becky on lead guitar/vocals, Dan on rhythm guitar/vocals, Tommy on bass/vocals and James on drums, MAYPINE selected their name on the basis that it wouldn’t tie them to any specific genre. Previously playing material in a pop-punk vein, they reveal that "Bend/Break" should be considered their debut release: "As a band, we decided to remove our debut EP from all streaming platforms. This is not to say we’re not proud of it, but at this point in time, we just felt that we needed to be as authentic as possible... to write songs that reflect who we are, not who we felt we needed to be. "Bend/Break" is a much truer representation of our band and we feel we’ve definitely discovered our "sound" as it were." The move is in part informed by the recent struggles that Jase has weathered: "Following a fire at my flat, my fiancée and I lost the majority of our things and had to rebuild. Obviously, this was an incredibly stressful time and I felt like I had the weight of the world on my shoulders and could bear no more burdens. However, I fought through and became a much stronger person in the face of adversity."

Heading to The Ranch to work with engineers Neil Kennedy and George Daly, mastering duties were handled by Grant Berry at Fader. Taking inspiration from a Trophy Eyes documentary encouraged the band members, who are fans of an array of artists and genres, to "allow their separate influences to positively impact their writing, not just the obvious influences." The result is an alternative rock burst primarily taking inspiration from Boston Manor, Thrice, PVRIS and Nirvana. Jase concludes: ""Bend/Break" is a therapeutic record. I had so many emotions and so much frustration that I need to expel through music. It’s definitely helped the healing process."

Check out the EP's tracklisting and the new song below!


1. Give
2. Kodokushi
3. Weather
4. Together Alone

The new song had premiered on Radio 1 Rock Show, you can stream the track HERE.

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