Relatively absent from the stage since 2013, three members of metalcore giants, Confide, have reemerged with LIFELONG, a return to their passion for all things heavy. With their first EP, "Revive the Masses" out now, Ross Kenyon (vocals), Joel Piper (drums), and Trevor Vickers (guitar), the three men have found redemption through transformation, both musically and relationally.

Partnering with BVTV, Lifelong has also released their first music video for the EP's title track.
After a chance encounter with the drummer merely hours after he’d moved to town, Vickers recruited Piper to join Kenyon and himself in Lifelong. "They (Ross and Trevor) were probably the last two people I wanted to see on earth" jokes Piper. But this twist of fate would lead to the foundational cementing of what would become "Revive the Masses".

Check out the video for the title track right HERE.

Kenyon, Piper and Vickers were anything but idle since their days in Confide. Vickers and Piper are renowned producers in addition to Piper cultivating his own pop project Avery Pkwy, while Kenyon helms Agape Attire.

Want to learn more? Go behind the scenes with Lifelong’s mini-documentary HERE.

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