Letters To Part's Y'shua Escobedo-Ortiz Talks Loss, Love, and Everything Else in-Between!

Post rock, ambient, progressive indie act Letters To Part, had released their debut full-length album titled "A Human Curse", last year, and are already hard at work on all new material, with plans on playing shows and touring as well. Their most recent release comes in the last single to come from this album, titled "Richard Scarry", a track that has emotion in more ways than just one. Frontman vocalist/song writer Y'shua Escobedo-Ortiz, goes into talking about this single, it's video, the album, and the future plans!

1. Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Letters To Part, and how long the band has been together?

My name is Y'shua Escobedo-Ortiz, I'm the singer and writer of Letters To Part, and the project formed in 2010 and has been / been a full time band since 2012.

2. Where is the band based out of and what is your music scene like there? Are there any local bands you could recommend?

We are based out of Orlando, FL. The scene out here is great/ probably the best in central Florida. Some of the locals here are ARMS, Lyonia, freakazoid!, you blew it!

3. How did the idea for the band's name Letters To Part take place?

Was sitting in my room and thinking about past things that happened in the last two years (at that time). Cousin passed away and I forcefully lost the first girlfriend I've ever loved/ felt love. While going through a Great Depression, I started to write more music. Which lead to my idea of me writing almost like goodbye letters. Like when a soldier would write to their loved ones before going into war.

4. What type of music do you create and how would you describe it?

Progressive rock and it's like having the dryer on high with you being inside of it. Nice and warm but also turning every second and morphing into something else.

5. Who is Richard Scarry?

My alter ego. Which comes about when my ego gets brushed.

6. "Richard Scarry" is the title of the track that came your most recent single turned video, so discuss it for us?

The single is the last track on the LP and also the last installment of this album/ kind of a closer. To new music and the next chapter of ltp. The video shows disconnect from a love one. When that person starts to receive phone calls from his temptations (Richard scarry). While playing a role of a good boyfriend. But can't seem to shake her or the vices from his past).

7. That single comes off your last album entitled, "A Human Curse", while that album has been out for sometime, does the band have any new music in the works?

Yes! We're in the process of writing another LP.

8. Will there be anymore songs taken from this album, that will become singles?

No this will be the last single of a human curse.

9. What does next year hold for Letters To Part?

Lots of touring, hopefully some festivals, and writing.

10. Would you like to add on anything more?

Love unconditionally, even if it tears you apart.

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