45 To Argos' Brandon Talks of the Music They Play, Current Single and Expanding Further Out!

Alternative rock trio 45 To Argos, released their recent single made video titled "Dreamcatcher", with more plans on playing shows, reaching out more other hot spots other than locally. Frontman vocalist Brandon Garrett talks of the single, band's music style, and what the future has planned for them.

1. First of all, please introduce your band and band members to our readers.

Brandon: We are 45 To Argos, an alternative rock band from southwest Michigan. We are a three piece with a singer/guitarist (Brandon G.), bassist (Brandon C.), and a drummer (Dave).

2. Can you disclose the details of how the band came to be who they are and why did it happen?

Brandon: The first members of the band were friends that wanted to make fun music, we brought in a few more friends to get a full band going and it's just been a snowball since then. Life got in the way for some and people came and went, but we're all still friends and current line up and songs we have are something we're proud of.

3. Would you say that there is a special story behind the band's title 45 to Argos?

Brandon: We've been through a few members over the years. The first members of the band had a practice space in Argos, IN and it took us roughly 45 minutes to get there, so we just said 45 To Argos one day and it stuck.

4. What types of music does the band actually play?

Brandon: We call label our genre as alternative rock because cover a good portion of the rock spectrum, from softer to heavier songs. We love loud guitars, big drums, and energetic vocals.

5. What inspires your music?

Brandon: The bands we listen to inspire us greatly. They are the ones that push us to have a dream to make a career in making and performing music.

6. What do the lyrics talk about, how does the lyrical writing occur?

Brandon: We cover both personal and general topics. Once we have a feel for the music and an idea of the lyrical topic we sit and brainstorm, bouncing ideas off of each other.

7. "Dreamcatcher" is your newest single turned video, discuss it for us?

Brandon: "Dreamcatcher", is about achieving your dreams and persevering through the rough patches in life. We wanted to have a really fun video for it, so we went to the store and bought anything we thought would be fun to mess with in a music video.

8. Do you have any other new music in the works?

Brandon: We have three songs being recorded right now. It's up in the air when those will be finished and released, but it shouldn't be too much longer.

9. What are the plans in-store for the rest of this year?

Brandon: We are going to take a step back from playing local shows for the rest of the year and get a plan going for how we can reach farther out to scenes in other states.

10. Would you like to say anything to your fans and our readers?

Brandon: To the fans, thank you for supporting us. There is nothing quite like the rewarding and challenging feeling of being in a band. Your encouragement helps us every step of the way.

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