Svoid - Storming Voices Of Inner Devotion

Svoid has released their latest and newest album to their catalog called "Storming Voices Of Inner Devotion". This album released through Sun and Moon Records, sees 11 tracks to its name all of which take the styling of metal, blending it with black metal, to round off to being Philosophical & occult Anti-Cosmic. So in short it sounds as metal as you could expect it to sound from an act that is said to be unique and most promising of acts.

Nonetheless though Svoid's "Storming Voices Of Inner Devotion", is quite the release to hear. It is metal mixed with black metal but not to the likes of other acts in the same field like Behemoth or even Belphegor. Their style varies to sounding more like Dark Funeral meets Immortal, the vocals having a higher pitch to their growling screaming antics than to those of Behemoth or Belphegor's standards. As for the instrumental portions thrown out their instrumental side is done really well. The music is well crafted and put together. It delivers on all sides really, being really moving and interesting to say the least. It is truly music that will entertain you if at least a tad if not perhaps a lot.

Some of the tracks that tend to stick out would have to be "Crown Of Doom", "Death, Holy End", "A Mind In Chains", and "Bloodline". These tracks pretty much set up this album for what it is really. Again the vocals and instruments work well together, rounding it off to being quite the success for Svoid. This album is really one of which you can hear on the fly, enjoying it whichever way you please, it will indeed please the ear of the listener no problem.

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