My Little Pony Celebrates International Day of Friendship Today w/ Digital Experiences, Snapchat Lenses & Family Friendly Events

Hasbro is celebrating International Day of Friendship today with the release of two beautiful and heartfelt digital videos, social initiatives and global events!

 In collaboration with digital media company SoulPancake, Hasbro released a video online today titled ‘Friendship Across the Globe,’ which highlights people of diverse ages and backgrounds around the world retelling the moments they realized they’d made a friend for life and what makes their friend so special to them. In the video, viewers are invited to explore how friendship is something unique that we each experience through our own distinct lenses. The video can be viewed on SoulPancake’s YouTube page, found here:

In addition to the SoulPancake collaboration, Hasbro is thrilled to be presenting its first brand anthem for MY LITTLE PONY, created in collaboration with Grey New York titled, ‘Through the Eyes of a Friend,’ a unique social experiment that invited parents to hear how their child was doing in school; and surprised them with a report card from their child’s best friend. In this piece, parents are captivated by the true and honest perspective that these children have about their friends, and how important they are to one another. The video can be viewed on the MY LITTLE PONY YouTube page, found here:

Grey New York’s Deputy Chief Creative Officer Rob Lenois said, "We wanted to show parents a side of their child they have never seen before. Through the eyes of their best friend.  We hope this experiment will remind parents around the world how impactful friendship is in their child's life. Now and into the future."

Events around the world are also taking place!

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