Angelspit Announces New Album "Black Dog Bite"

Angelspit's 7th album "BLACK DOG BITE" is released this Fall. It's pure mayhem firmly based in the slamming sound of early 90s cyberpunk. Ultra-brutal beats, dirty synths, scathing vocals and cynical lyrics dealing with politics and personal issues. IT'S TOUGH AS F*CK! This album will keep you throwing office chairs at your computer monitor!

"I've gone back to the classic sound of early industrial. Gritty lo-fi samples, clanging metal and digitally tortured guitar. BLACK DOG BITE explores dance music, but with a viscous, distorted twist."- Zoog Von Rock, Angelspit.

BLACK DOG BITE is released through Black Pill Red Pill Records.

Pre-orders are available now via Kickstarter and Etsy. Click HERE to watch a short statement from Angelspit.

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