freakings - Toxic End

Thrash metal has been one of those genres that tends to always be in its prime no matter the year at the time. In the case of 2017 with the likes of freakings who released their latest and newest album "Toxic End" this year, it turns out to be quite the successor for them.

Lots of word is being spread and said about this release, ranging from pure passion! freakings whip those ear drums with ecstatic, wild, precise! Right down to saying that this daring trio is one to simply not be missed! So of course all of this can only be good for freakings right? Of course so because that is exactly what "Toxic End" has done for the trio. It is simply chalk full of material that is fun, aggression with high ranks in entertainment. It is an album that sticks to the true trash metal style to come out of the genre. Lots of fast paced energy, edgy adrenaline, lots of screams with fast instrumentals that keeps your head bobbing back and forth, if not side to side of pure angst!

Vocalization wise is purely simply screams, lots of screams and gang shouts that puts the music to maximum capacity of volume abilities. It is just loud and proud to be darned music really. freakings is one act with a trio behind it, to keep it all flowing with such pride and passion there is really nothing more to be said about it.

"Toxic End" for a release captures the essence of such songs as "Hell On Earth", "Violent Disaster", "Friendly Fire", and "Wave Of Pain". These songs bringing to mind that of other thrash metal acts like Warbringer, Havok, and even Toxic Holocaust. If you are into those guys then freakings is a sure fit for you. Again this album delivers that fast paced neck racing angst, that really exposes you to the music for what it is from the inside and outside. Surely freakings is one to be followed.

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