Jana Pochop - Lightning

Jana Pochop started her diverse career as a singer-songwriter when she was just a child. Having asked her parents for a drum kit but received a guitar instead, this did not cause her to look away from her density and dreams as an artist of the music kind. After discovering Mary Chapin Carpenter at the age of 11, she would find a beautiful purpose for that guitar she had received instead of that drum kit. She would take her instinct for deep grooves and poignant lyrics to a whole another level years later, first on her 2014 EP release "Throats Are Quarries", later on following up with a new single called "Lightning". Which is why we are here now discussing Jana Pochop in the first place.

"Lightning",  was produced by Daniel Barrett, but Jana has combined her gifts,  lyrics that are as fearless as they are vulnerable, as skeptical as they are hopeful - woven into beautiful and fully fleshed arrangements, is what makes this song exist.

That said, this song as a whole is Americana at its finest, with the blended angst of pop, and folk, you got a singer-songwriter of the next generation with such class and pose, it makes this track more theatrical than Americana based. In fact, it doesn't even sound folk or pop based, let alone Americana. It does preserve that theatrical appeal more so, because it uses the violin/cello within its musical melodies, that it becomes more of a ballad track.

Nonetheless though, Jana as an artist does do music well, but has more work within the songwriting and lyrical departments, than music. Music is within her grasp to, but her beat is more so within the writing field, you can hear it within the lyrics presented here on "Lightning". The music portion of the track does contain a good source of beat and tone. It is very uplifting, has a catchy beat of melody that really focus' upon the music, making it appear more friendly and comforting to the ear.

Overall Jana Pochop's work both in music and in writing, have their share of appeal to the listener of the music. She can take her wits and ways with the music at hand, doing to it as she will, that it draws in whoever it can, to hear it.

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