NateWantsToBattle Unveils Lyric Video For “Sandcastle Kingdoms”

NateWantsToBattle – brainchild of YouTube sensation, singer, pianist, guitarist, songwriter, and voice actor Nathan Sharp – has teamed up with New Noise Magazine to premiere the lyric video for his single “Sandcastle Kingdoms” off his latest album of the same title. Sharp states, “'Sandcastle Kingdoms' is about the idea of having something in life that may seem reliable and true, but realizing it’s on a very unstable foundation. Illustratively, it’s a story of a king ruling over his kingdom and his loyal subjects following his every order when, in reality, he doesn’t even know what he’s doing. All he can do is hope that the castles he’s built aren’t swept away in one current.” Fans can watch the video one day before it goes live on his official channel now, here:

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