Bongo Boy Records Presents Bongo Boy Rock n Roll TV Show "Tranquility

Remember a time when MTV and VH1 showcased music videos back in the day, early in the morning to mid-morning of 10-11AM perhaps. Then that went away for regular based reality TV programming. Well there are still some, very few but some TV shows that showcase said music videos of numerous artists. One is from a record label company called Bongo Boy Records, with their TV show calling itself Bongo Boy Rock n Roll TV Show. It's currently in its sixth season with episode 2 titled "Tranquility" featuring 7 music videos, or what they call "indie music videos" by up-and-coming acts or well known acts who have been around.

 In any case, the TV program plays out just as the MTV and VH1 formula had done, playing video, after video, after video but, they have an announcer introduce each video. In this case it showcases such artists as Gar Francis with his track "Rainy Day Women #12 & 35", a rock country jazz mash-up tune that is catchy and easy going of sorts. While the next one is from Survivorman Les Stroud with their track "Arctic Mistress", his style being considered rock meets exotic, his tunes being very mellow, and puts you at ease with a relaxing sensation to it.

Next up comes Dos Floris with "Water" now this track is very interesting, it has its own take of music, being very relaxing just as before, it has this nature tone of beat to it. The style being very outgoing and at peace if you will, if any of that makes sense to you. Tremble is the act to follow with "Want To Want Me", now this takes a whole another approach, with being very pop tone with its musical beats. Still following the previous styles of mellow yet easy going, as the previous acts, but this style is more modern day driven, if you will.

Michael Resin with his track "Nothing Is Forever" is another one of those tracks that just falls right behind the rest, having its own style of music, that sounds entertaining yet easy going. The rest of the episode wraps itself up with Trevor Wesley's "In This World" featuring an appearance by Raven Felix that sounds just like the pop act Tremble, except this is a male, as opposed to a female perspective point of view music style. His style is unique and interesting of sorts if that says anything. Lastly though is an act called Les Fradkin with "Reflections Of Love", this song being truly amazing, it is instrumental and just takes you on a whole another journey if you will. Well thought he was the last but it goes to Kyla with her track "Don't Ya Worry 'bout Me" being featured as the TV spot, and her track follows the previous "pop" tunes, being very catching and easy going of sorts, for her styling of music abilities.

All in all this TV program that Bongo Boy Records has put out, what they call "Bongo Boy Rock n Roll TV Show", is an interesting take on, music videos and getting them out to the public, for all to find out about new and upcoming artists. Be sure to catch this program on your local television channel or perhaps even online!

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