The Pussybats' Sid Talks How Indestructible the Band Can Be

The Pussybats are back with an all new album entitled "Indestructible". Since we last spoke 2 years ago, the band has been keeping busy with this album, playing shows, and have a lot more in the mix. Frontman vocalist Sid, discusses all of that if not more!

1. What have the pussybats been up to since we last spoke in 2015.

Well, we did what all good rockbands do. Played some gigs, had some personal crises, wrote some songs, changed our label, changed our guitarist, recorded new stuff … and here we are

2. Your new album "Indestructible" will be released via Eternal Sound Records, have you always been signed to this label?

No, we haven’t. But it feels just like it.

3. Why did you want to go with getting signed with Eternal Sound Records, what is it about them, that made them stick out for you?

Hey, we’re rockstars. We don’t want to get signed by a label – labels wanna sign us…. no, seriously: from the first time we spoke, we really felt that Nicole and Robert are just as crazy as we are, or even more. And they really really care for their bands, they really burn for the shit they do and that is something you don’t find very often. We feel really happy about the collaboration.

4. Where does the new album "Indestructible" fall along the catalog of the pussybats releases.

On the top! Of course it’s the best album we ever did… But at least it is the most ‘band’-album of them all. We recorded more or less on our own, so we really had to sort things out on our own. And we have done it and we survived the process.

5. What was the recording process like this time around, when it came to "Indestructible".

Well, it was a little bit more spontaneous than the last times. We didn’t have to book a studio, we didn’t have schedules or something. That has pros and cons, we took quite a long time to dive into the process, to get in the ‘flow’ – but as it worked, it worked quite good.

6. Can you give us a bit of a story behind the tracks on "Indestructible"?

Well, not every track has its own story. Sometimes, it is pretty obvious – “I Know”, for example, is just a statement about all the NSA- and Facebook-George-Orwell-Shit going on these days. Some other ones are quite personal. “Indestructible” is even some kind of inner tomb for a very special relationship with a very special girl that has kinda haunted me for some time. And of course, there’s pure Rock’n’Roll-Tracks like “Devils Bay”. That is just to party.

7. When it comes to writing an album is there a brain child overseeing it all or do you all take an equal stab at it?

In terms of composing, most of the time its a, well, first draft by myself (Sid). But also most of the time, the finished song doesn’t have to do so much with that draft. In “Hell Is Freezing”, for example, we had some problems with it quite a long time, it always kinda bored and didn’t rock enough. Then, Mike changed the groove – and all of a sudden, the track worked.

8. Who produced "Indestructible" and what was it like working with them?

We produced it ourselves. And it was – well. Difficult. In fact, it was so difficult that Ho2ly, our former guitar player, decided to quit the band and concentrate on his own stuff. We took a very long time finding our way of working. And we took even more time, more discussions, more fights (and more reunions) to find out what that work should actually achieve. But I gotta tell you, in the end, it was worth it. And we’re very glad that Kris Vlad of Vlad in Tears made such a great job on mixing the album.

9. Is there any story or concept behind the "Indestructible" title?

Yeah. When we thought of a proper name for this baby, we reflected on the last years of this band. All that bullshit going on and, let’s face it, all the high hopes we had in the beginning, all the success we never had, all the broken promises, all the burnt money… to make this for ten years now and still have the energy (or madness, what you prefer) to go on, we consider ourselves as indestructible. period.

10. Who did the cover art for "Indestructible" and how much input did you have on it?

The cover art is done by a good friend of mine, Isabelle. Marple came up with the idea of the heart, of course he wanted it with more blood and gore and stuff, but we let her do the, … well, the details and so it ended up in this cool, plain, illustrated way. We want our cover arts to be bold and catchy.

11. How do you all balance being in a Dark Rock band with the needs of normal life?

Normal life? I don’t know that expression ...

12. For those on the other side of the world who are curious about Stuttgart, Germany what is there to do when you are not working on killer tunes?

Stuttgart is the hometown of two of the best car brands of the world. And its one of the cities with the worst air quality, at least in Germany. perhaps there is some kind of connection there…

13. What do you have lined-up for the rest of this year?

When the record is released, we’re really looking forward to bring it on stage. We play some festivals, and we’re happy that the WGT in Leipzig is amongst them. We will definitely shoot some more videos. And we wrote the songs for the next record, so we’re pretty optimistic that it doesn’t take more four years to come up with a successor to “Indestructible”.

14. Is there anything else you would like to say to the future fans of the pussybats?

Rock’n’Roll is indestructible. Indestructible is Rock’n’Roll!

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