Pre-order the Calabrese Comic Book!

The Calabrese brothers are back and ready to bite! So are you ready to bite back?

Have you ever said to yourself, "Listening to music is just too boring! I have nothing to look at!"?

Well, your suffering is over! Pre-order a copy of the Calabrese comic book...and you never have to stare at the walls while listening to music again!

The Official Calabrese Comic Book issue #1 will be ready to ship by Halloween, 2010! This action packed, fully colored, 24 pages of PURE Calabrese Rock and Roll Mania is yours for the mean price of $6.00!

Pre-order your copy of the Calabrese comic today and we'll sign it! With our own blood? It's possible! Each copy will be bagged and boarded, as to not ruin the sweet, delicious rock and roll beauty, and all pre-orders will receive a secret mystery gift!

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